Repairing. Building. Shaping.

Impulse Surf is all about shaping, building and repairing that one-of-a-kind surfboard. If you want us to build that special board you have dreamed about, we’re here to serve your needs!

If you have that great board that reflects you and your surfing, we’re here to help you preserve it. We know the surf can be rough at times with those things that can damage your board.

Never fear again, because we’re experts at fixing that ding, or maybe you shattered your board. We can fix it for you! Call us Now at (760) 433-3600 or bring your board by our Shop at

3038 Industry St, Suite 106, Oceanside, CA 92054



Franklin Pierce has been surfing and repairing surf boards for decades. With many thousands of amazing repairs and happy customers to his credit, he began building specialty boards for surfers in 1978.
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