About Impulse Surf


Behind the Scenes

Impulse Surf Products is located in Oceanside, CA. We started in Orange County in the 70’s, and have progressed through 4 decades of surf shops since that point. Impulse Surf is grateful for the help from many friends in the San Diego surfing community, it’s loyal customers, and business partners around the country.

Our Mission Statement

Our purpose here at Impulse Surf Products is to have fun, to serve our customers as well as our co-workers, and to make money for the business. We strive to stay in the present and enjoy each moment given. We honor consistency, always being on time, being honest, and holding a standard of an attitude of gratitude in the work environment.

Our Business Plan

Impulse Surf ensures to make ten specific things a large priority. The first, is to make decisions in favor of the group to maintain singleness of purpose, unity, and harmony. The second, is to ask help from God and others. The third, is getting together regularly to discuss concerns and ambitions. The fourth, is to provide freedom to maintain autonomy our personal goals and ambitions. The fifth, is to clarify our reason for the business to our customers openly, honestly, and willingly. The sixth, is that each individual is a vital member contributing to the business’s financial success. The seventh, is that as business grows, decisions are made through general meeting discussions where all members are encouraged to participate and only I there is not a general consensus of opinion will the “tie breaker vote” fall on the owner. The eighth, is to exemplify singleness of focus to present Impulse Surf Products to our customers, while trying to avoid other non-productive diversion. The ninth, is that the presenting of products and service allows customers to benefit from our labors. The tenth, is that maintaining customer confidentiality allows us and our customers to feel trustworthy in business relationships. Here at Impulse Surf Products, we take everything into close consideration to ensure that our customers are well taken care of and that we maintain a thriving and happy atmosphere for all

Franklin Pierce
Franklin Pierce has been surfing and repairing surf boards for decades. With many thousands of amazing repairs and happy customers to his credit, he began building specialty boards for surfers in 1978. The result was amazing!

Franklin’s clients include Hobie Surf and Sport, Wind and Sea Surfboards, Surfside Sports and Jack’s Surf Shop as well as many individual buyers. Franklin has repaired boards from surfers all over the world. If you need an expert at saving a board, Franklin and Impulse Surf is the solution you need.

Franklin discovered that many surfers were interested in learning to repair their own boards, so in 1986 he printed the first edition of the “Fiberglass Ding Repair” book. An updated version of the book is now available through this website or by calling (760) 433-3600.


Monday- Friday from 9:30am-4:30pm

Saturday from 10:00am-2:00pm

Sunday closed