Fiberglass Ding Repair Book

Fiberglass Ding Repair Book


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Buy the fourth edition of the original comprehensive guide to fiberglass surfboard ding repair in hardcopy format. From pages of crumpled and coffee-stained scribbles on three-hole, wide-ruled binding paper, the first drafts were transcribed onto plain stock typing paper, clicking and clacking on a mechanical typewriter, one letter at a time.

This is an exerpt from an article written by “Surfwriter,” Gary Taylor, The Beach News, Nov. ’93. Thanks Gary.

Luckily for us do-it-yourselfers, there is a book available that makes the tedious art of ding repair easy, and perhaps even enjoyable. Written by longtime North county surfer Franklin Pierce, it is called Fiberglass Ding Repair (what were you expecting?). Franklin details in words, photos and drawings exactly how to deal with virtually every malady that will befall a surfboard, from simple deck dings to broken boards.